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We love surrounding ourselves with amazing people that are smart, professional and fun.

Poke your head into any office or space here and you will find friendly faces that enjoy collaborating and helping their clients achieve success on every level.

Delivering on our promises


We deliver on our promises to our clients and people; we will do it with a passionate and innovative approach providing flexibility and value every day.


Brand Momentum is an enduring market leader in quality and innovation where employee and client aspirations are realized in a fun culture, rooted in Goodness.


Integrity. Respect. Empowerment. Commitment. Fun. Flexibility;
all done while being fiscally responsible.

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Build it and they will come.

It’s fair to say that the right people seem to find us. When you have great leadership, an amazing atmosphere and people that work together seamlessly you hit the workplace jackpot.

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Taking goodness to a whole new level

19,341 feet to be exact.

Life Momentum is the philanthropic arm of Brand Momentum Inc.

With the support of clients, partners and employees, Life Momentum strives to aid underprivileged youth in Canada and around the world through the funding of educational livelihoods programs, providing opportunities to acquire the skills and training needed to pursue their own dreams.

Life Momentum has recently collaborated with international development and relief foundation (IDRF) to develop and implement international livelihood programs for youth in Africa.

In 2014, Brand Momentum’s CEO Hesham Shafie was part of a group that made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise funds for the cause.